Astoriana Diosa del Taco is an unconventional taqueria (Taah-kher-rEeah) that strives to constantly build and expand on the founding flavors of what the Gringos consider the pillar of Mexican Cuisine, "LOS TACOS". Here at Astoriana we blend some of the most iconic flavors and techniques from the wonderful cultures of the surrounding boroughs, and embrace them in Mexico's warm buzzum of essence and spice.

Astoriana is nestled in the heart of New York's traditionally Greek neighborhood Astoria, Queens. So it felt only proper that this taqueria should resemble and embrace some of the image and flair of this amazing neighborhood. Hence we created a mythical creature that combines two elements of this grandiose cultures that share such an interesting history. From the Greek, The Corinthian helmet a symbol of strength, victory and battle. From Mexico, La Catrina the elegant and colorful folkloric skeleton, that bridges the gap between life and death, celebration and mourning... Death, the ultimate equalizer.  

Legend tells of a time long long ago, when the God Zeus on a ten day rampid bender took a wrong turn and somehow found himself in the land of Agave and Spice. Yet while amazed by the scenic beauty, warmth and welcome of the Mexican culture, nothing could prepare him for the nomadic curves of the Mexican woman. In his uncontrolled virility, and overtaken by his lack of senses lost himself in her mystic black eyes and sinful thighs. Out of this most unique event came Astoriana, La Diosa del Taco (Goddess of the Taco) a being whose sole purpose was to elevate the culinary arts of her native land to boundless levels. 

Chef SEBASTIAN ROYO a native of the northern Mexican arid state of Chihuahua, earned his culinary chops in some of New York's top kitchens (...and some not so top). His vision for Astoriana is to combine the flavors and techniques picked up along the way, and served them on a delicious soft canvas of flour or corn, aka "The Tortilla". Bringing a twist to traditional flavors and dishes in a unique but respectful way to culture, food and most of all, our guests.